Is it Possible the War We Thought We Won in 1945 Was Merely a Battle Within a Much Larger War for a Civilization Whose Outcome Yet Remains to Be Seen?

Is it Possible the War We Thought We Won in 1945 Was Merely a Battle Within a Much Larger War for a Civilization Whose Outcome Yet Remains to Be Seen?


Robert Gorter, MD, PhD.

 June 4th, 2022


The decision recently expressed by the Finnish and Swedish governments to join NATO’s collective suicide pact should not come as a huge surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to the growth of Nazism over the past 77 years.

Not only is this growth taking the form of a renewal of swastika-tattooed, black sun of the occult loving, wolfsangel-wearing Azov, C14, Svoboda, and Aidar neo-Nazis in Ukraine today, but a whole re-writing of WWII history which has taken an accelerated dive into unreality during the 30 years since the Soviet Union collapsed.

Across the spectrum of post-Warsaw Pact members absorbed into NATO such as Lithuania, Estonia, Albania, Slovakia, and Latvia, Nazi collaborators of WWII have been glorified with statues, public plaques, monuments, and even schools, parks, and streets named after Nazis. Celebrating Nazi collaborators while tearing down pro-Soviet monuments has nearly become a pre-condition for any nation wishing to join NATO.

In Estonia, which joined NATO in 2004, the defense ministry-funded Erna Society has celebrated the Nazi Erna Saboteur group that worked with the Waffen SS in WWII with the Erna advance Guard being raised to official national heroes. In Albania, Prime Minister Edi Rama rehabilitated Nazi collaborator Midhat Frasheri, who deported thousands of Kosovo Jews to death camps.

In Lithuania, the pro-Nazi Lithuanian Activist Front leader Juozas Lukša who carried out atrocities in Kaunas was honored as a national hero by an act of Parliament which passed a resolution dubbing “the year 2021 as the year of Juozas Luksa-Daumantas”. In Slovakia, the ‘Our Slovakia Peoples Party’ led by neo-Nazi Marián Kotleba moved from the fringe to mainstream winning 10% of parliamentary seats in 2019; with its influence rapidly growing.

The above is extracted from the article ‘Why Is It So Hard to Finnish Nazism? NATO’s Growing Suicide Pact Threatens to Light the World on Fire’.  By giving historical context regarding events leading up to and during World War II (“WWII”) – exploring the Nazi skeletons in Finland and Sweden’s closets, a review of Finland’s Nazi heritage, the race to secure the Heartland and Finland’s Nazi turn, the strange case of Finland’s enduring swastika – the author, Matthew Ehret, concludes by confronting the reader with the uncomfortable facts we must face today:

It is an uncomfortable fact of history that those same powers that gave rise to fascism were never punished at the Nuremberg Trials. Those Wall Street industrialists and financiers that supplied Germany with funding and supplies before and during the war were punished… nor were the British financiers at the Bank of England who ensured that Nazi coffers would be replete with confiscated loot from Austria, Czechoslovakia, or Poland.

The post-war age not only saw a vast reorganization of fascist killers in the form of the CIA/NATO managed Operation Gladio and we know that Allan Dulles directly oversaw the re-activation of Hitler’s intelligence chief Reinhard Gehlen into the command structure of West German Intelligence along with his entire network. Ukrainian Nazis like Stefan Bandera and Mikola Lebed were promptly absorbed into this same apparatus with Bandera working with Gehlen from 1956 to his death in 1958 while Lebed was absorbed into American intelligence running a CIA front organization called Prolog.


NATO’s growth around Russia’s perimeter since 1998, and the NATO-led mass atrocities of bombings in Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Libya should also be re-evaluated with this Nazi pedigree in mind.

Is it possible that the war we thought the allies won in 1945 was merely a battle within a larger war for a civilization whose outcome yet remains to be seen? Certainly, patriots of Finland and Sweden should think very deeply about the dark traditions which risk being revived as they join into a new Operation Barbarossa in the 21st century.

Why Is It So Hard to Finnish Nazism? NATO’s Growing Suicide Pact Threatens to Light the World on Fire, Strategic Culture Foundation, 2 June 2022

In the video below, Rogue News and Matthew Ehret, editor of Canadian Patriot and author of the article named above, unpack the ugly story behind Finland’s Nazi past, its 1919-2020 official swastika air force logo, the occult roots of the Thule Society via a manipulated and abuse of Luciferian outgrowth of Madame Blavatsky’s Theosophism and more.


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