The Open Netherlands Foundation (SON) appears to be an ordinary money laundering machine of the State.

The Open Netherlands Foundation (SON) appears to be an ordinary money laundering machine of the State.


Robert Gorter, MD, PhD.

(with thanks to the Bataafsche Courant)

July 15th, 2022

The beast, struggling to death, is all about keeping everything as it was, even though everything around it is changing. Money laundering by government agencies is not new, but it is now becoming apparent. The elite are still trying to find shelter instead of informing the people who finance them. They are clearly trying to start a kind of paradise of their own and in this case, the Caribbean island of Anguilla has been chosen.

We received the following alarming message:

Someone has investigated the financial activities of the Open Netherlands Foundation. SON is the supplier of the corona tests for access. We have previously reported that they unlawfully received EUR 925 million.

Financial research shows that SON’s financial legal entity is none other than Bas van den Dungen (Fig. 1). A senior official from VWS and Finance. (Fig. 2). In fact, a secretary general of a department is the minister’s boss. A minister is a vile individual, who can be exchanged at will if the public starts to grumble. So the one you have to pick up is the final boss: Van den Dungen, together with his client. drs. wa. A. van Oranje Nassau – shareholder STAAT.

Further inspection reveals a much larger scandal (Fig 3):

€50 million of taxpayers’ money has been diverted to a shell company in Anguilla.

Despite the involvement of a very high-ranking official, it is claimed that there is no involvement of the company STAAT DER NEDERLANDEN, one of the most famous money laundering machines in the world.

Share this post so that there can be an investigation into the laundering of at least €50 million of taxpayers’ money! How could the Treasury Department have allowed this? It is impossible that Wobke Hoekstra knows nothing about this! Of course, Wobke knows all about it, but he has now been transferred to the merged Ministry of Foreign Affairs and “Ukraine” interests for security. (BuZaOek).

“Ukraine” is the money laundering paradise of the world, which Putin is trying to end.






The foundation for money laundering is also quite warm, Dutch taxpayers, are you paying attention?

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