Robert Gorter and Wotan

As soon as Robert Gorter moved into his own house which he bought from a local Baptist church at 1409 McAllister Street in San Francisco, he decided to get a dog and the choice fell […]


Cafe Floré in San Francisco

Cafe Floré at the corner of Market and Noe Valley Streets in San Francisco (in the very heart of Castro District) was a very popular café among local residents and it was half-way between his house […]


USA Prison System and HIV Infection

USA Prison System and HIV Infection With focus on Vacaville, California Incarceration in the United States of America is one of the main forms of punishment, rehabilitation (for those few lucky inmates who can receive […]


University for Anthroposophic Studies

University for Anthroposophic Studies As a response to many requests of students and patients around the world and the opportunity to establish a Long Distance Learning Program online for Anthroposophical Health studies (offered by San […]


Christmas Parties for AIDS Patients

Christmas Parties for AIDS Patients in San Francisco (1982-1992) During his period in San Francisco from 1982 till 1992, each year Robert Gorter volunteered to be the “doctor on duty” during the annual Christmas party […]