The METAVERSE – the ideal emptiness

The METAVERSE – the ideal emptiness


Robert Gorter, MD, PhD.

July 10th, 2022


All that the MACHINE needs to do is total control of humanity

Long ago it was planned that we would live at home glued to computers in an Artificial Intelligence world.

The old plan is to control all people through these networks of the newly established Metaverse, a New World Order with a government where everything you say and do is monitored, judged, and qualified by outside brain control and the final control is done by „The Elites who will decide what is good and bad for you…

Part of that plan is to accelerate the death of billions in the matrix – the world we now think we know it – through bioweapons, lethal injections, food shortages, poverty, and planned wars.

A dwindling world population is controlled through the new Metaverse – an environment where you cannot distinguish virtual reality from reality, cannot smell, feel, touch, or taste. The Metaverse is the Great Plan “where you shall possess nothing and be happy.” Happy with the total emptiness, insect menu, and procreation through clones. This major expropriation operation started by robbing our DNA and continues to plunder agricultural land in order to manipulate food production. By manipulating human characteristics via the DNA, it is achieved that all other manipulations are no longer noticed. The “feeling of happiness” is only virtual, because we will no longer understand that we are permanently banned from reality.


deleting all morality and free will

By injecting mRNA Nano Graphene (Hydr)oxide, or “black goo,” everyone will be connected to the Metaverse.

Governments and billionaires are already buying apartments in “smart cities” with fake money, agricultural land for more “smart cities”, fake insurance, fake digital Gucci bags for their Avatars, etc.

Your kids are already conditioned to live online through digital games. That is why there is tremendous pressure to inject children in order to include them in the network from which they will never be able to escape. Now they are taking the next steps of full brain control: the Metaverse, the ideal emptiness…..

To destroy this diabolical plan we initially have two front lines on which to fight.

(1) Parents must defend their children tooth and nail against all kinds of coercion to include them in the network through the hypodermic or intramuscular needle.

(2) Citizens must defend and assist the Farmers tooth and nail in order to secure the agricultural land.


It is all about the survival of humanity. The choice we can now make is simple:

(a) Brain control through Artificial Intelligence or

(b) Self-monitoring.


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