Government Admits Millions of Children Now Have VAIDS – Media Blackout

Government Admits Millions of Children Now Have VAIDS – Media Blackout

Commentaries by

Prof. Dr. Med. Robert Gorter

September 2nd, 2023


Millions of children around the world vaccinated with Pfizer’s mRNA Covid vaccine have developed acquired immune deficiency (VAIDS) vaccine, according to a shocking government report.

According to a study conducted by Australian researchers and published last week in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers, entitled “ BNT162b2 COVID-19 vaccination in children alters cytokine responses to heterologous pathogens and Toll-like receptor agonists ”, (BNT162b2 COVID-19 vaccination in children alters the cytokine response to heterologous pathogens and Toll-like receptor agonists), scientists tested the cytokine responses of 29 children aged 5-11 years before their first dose of Pfizer BioNTech’s jab and 28 days after their second dose, writes Sean Adl -Tabatabai.

The scientists found that “vaccination in children alters the cytokine response to heterologous stimulants, particularly one month after vaccination,” but they did not explain the implications of their findings, which were that all children essentially had VAIDS, predisposing them to viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens.

According to the study, the decline in immune response occurred after 28 days, and the reduced immune response to viruses persisted for at least six months.


Researcher Igor Chudov noted that the study’s findings are a milestone for the mainstream scientific community in that they finally admit, albeit indirectly, what independent doctors and scientists have been reporting for a long time.

Finally, we have scientific confirmation that vaccination against COVID-19 causes a marked decrease in immunity against heterologous pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. This reduced immunity to other pathogens (acquired immune deficiency) is what people colloquially refer to as “VAIDS”. (VAIDS stands for Vaccine-Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).

A reduced immune response to common bacteria that occur every day can be very worrying for children and can even have life-threatening consequences.

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“Reduced responses to Staphylococcus aureus are very serious: this disease is difficult to treat and causes untold damage,” the researcher noted, showing a photo of a child with a bacterial infection on his face.

As Chuduv points out, it would have been nice to have this data before the COVID-19 shots were approved and distributed to millions of people.


In an ideal world, careful scientists, prudent public health authorities, and principled doctors would investigate the effects of the COVID-19 vaccines before vaccinating tens of millions of children and billions of adults. If they had researched and conducted basic science (like the study above) before mandating and injecting COVID-19 vaccines, such dangerous injections would never have been given to children and young adults!

Instead, in the frenzied rush to “vaccinate” the world with vaccines that don’t even work, we have ruined the immune responses of millions of children and probably all other vaccinated people.

Vaccine researcher Alex Berenson also highlighted the “VERY URGENT ” findings on his Substack, consulting immunologists who agreed that the study’s conclusions had deeply troubling implications, in addition to the cowardice of the study authors downplaying its importance.

“My interpretation of this paper is that the [mRNA vaccine] may in fact cause not only a short-term vulnerability to bacterial and viral infections in children but also, a long-term immune deficiency,” one doctor emailed, adding that he is concerned that public health authorities will simply ignore the article.

“See how the authors get around their own findings,” the doctor wrote. “The authors don’t even say outright that the mRNA jab appears to cause persistent immune deficiency in children. Their conclusion is that it “changes” the cytokine response. This is the kind of courage in medicine.”

The alarming findings come as President Joe Biden declared last week that he was seeking funding from Congress to develop a new Covid-19 vaccine that could then be recommended to anyone, regardless of the status of the previous vaccine.


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