Graphene oxide in all vaccines makes the vaccinees walking time bombs

Graphene oxide in all vaccines makes the vaccinees walking time bombs

Prof. Dr. Med. Robert Gorter

July 26th, 2021


In a new video, La Quinta Columna reveals that graphene oxide (GO) has been found in saline solutions and they deduce that the use of GO is much, much more widespread and started much earlier than just the “Covid” vaccines.[i] Magnetism has been found in babies, and people who haven’t taken the “Covid” shot or been PCR tested or worn masks are also showing magnetism, so it must be coming from somewhere else. They deduce that the GO has been used in all vaccines for several years, including tetanus, meningitis, childhood vaccines, etc., writes “For Life on Earth.”

La Quinta Columna says GO was also in the 2018 flu vaccine and that could explain why people are showing magnetism despite not having the “Covid” vaccine. This could also explain the high number of “flu” deaths after the 2018 flu vaccine campaign.

It also explains the fact that so many people died in Wuhan. The Chinese government had made the flu shot mandatory for the population just before they switched on the tens of thousands of brand-new 5G antennas in Wuhan. The deceased elderly in Milan had also received a flu shot and there were many 5G antennas in Milan (see maps of antenna installations in Italy as of March/April 2020, which shows that the Milan region has the highest number of cases of the “coronavirus “has).


Dr. Magda Havas found that the number of Covid-19 cases per million was 95% higher and the number of Covid-19 deaths per million was 126% higher in US states with 5G .

La Quinta Columna reminds us that 4G LTE also uses millimeter waves, so it’s not just 5G that could be involved.

Bartomeu Payeras i Cifre published a study on the 5G-Covid correlation in April 2020. He highlighted the fact that San Marino was the first European state with 5G technology and the state with the highest number of “coronavirus” cases per 1,000 inhabitants, 4.07 times more cases than Italy and 27 times more than Croatia, which at that time did not have 5G at the time (see map below).


Mr Payeras i Cifre also noted that the “coronavirus” does not like to cross borders. The average number of infections for the four US states bordering Mexico was 0.242 or 2,000% more than Mexico. The average for the US as a whole was 0.814 or 7,000% more than Mexico (see map below).

“Border Effect” between Mexico and the US

California Arizona New Mexico Texas Mexico USA 0.28 0.31 0.20 0.18 0.012 0.814


We wonder how all this useful information comes from Spain. Even Andreas Kalcker (living in Spain) can be seen on video discussing GO in Spanish.

Ricardo Delgado of La Quinta Columna points out that we should note that each vaccination period has been accompanied by a technological leap. See the image below that illustrates how each expansion in the use of electromagnetic radiation (EMF) and each new generation of wireless technology has been accompanied by a new disease.


We can add that the so-called Spanish flu occurred six months after the US military started using very powerful radio transmitters at the end of WWI in 1917. The Asian flu originated in 1957-1958 when a powerful radar surveillance system was put into operation. The Hong Kong flu originated in 1968 when 28 military space surveillance satellites were commissioned. In 1997, when mobile phones went into widespread use, the number of cases of diabetes in the US increased by 31% in one year. In the United Kingdom, between 1994 and 2002, in parallel with the sudden introduction of mobile phone technology, the British house sparrow population declined by 75% and was classified as an endangered species.

Too many side effects: More and more general practitioners advise against Covid vaccinations

Let’s also note that in October 2018, just after hundreds of planes were equipped with brand new on-board WiFi coming straight from satellite, there were massive cases of “flu” on board flights and ambulances had to be called and flights diverted.

In early 2020, when we heard about “coronavirus” cases on board cruise ships, we also learned that the cruise ships had just fully rolled out 5G and facial recognition on board, irradiating all passengers with 5G-ready bracelets and pendants.

It was two Italian doctors, Montanari and Gatti, who first warned of vaccines mysteriously containing undeclared nanoparticles in a report published in early 2018 . They found stainless steel and the highly toxic tungsten carbide in vaccines, among other things. For their trouble, their homes were raided by the police, who removed all their data and computers. In an interview, the two research scientists explained that nanoparticles are prohibited from being in an injectable solution because, unlike other nanoparticles we are exposed to, which we might inhale and expel most of if our lungs are healthy, injected nanoparticles last forever, remain trapped and can circulate throughout the body, including the brain, causing dementia and diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Adding to this that cell phones open the blood-brain barrier to let in toxins, including airborne particles and nanoparticles from vaccines, we have a very dangerous mix of threats.

I have been saying since the beginning of all this in late 2019 that there is no “Covid”. “Covid” is an umbrella term for a collection of discrete symptoms, all of which are equivalent to exposure to electromagnetic radiation. And interestingly, we hear that the Hospital of Barcelona in Spain has decided to change the name of the department that treats people who react to exposure to electromagnetic radiation, the so-called “electrohypersensitive” or EHS people, to a “post-Covid department. How appropriate is that?

But what I didn’t know in 2020 was that this exposure is massively amplified by planting metal nanoparticles in the body. It is recognized in the scientific literature, even by the corrupt, industry-riddled International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP; not international, not a commission, and does not protect anyone from anything, except perhaps the military and telecom companies from prosecution for crimes against humanity going back decades) who state in their own “safety” guidelines on EMF exposure that if you have metal in your body, it will team up with electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to make you sick:

“Medical procedures can make use of EMFs, and metal implants can alter or disrupt EMFs in the body, which in turn can affect the body both directly (via direct field-tissue interaction) and indirectly (via an intervening conductive object). For example, radiofrequency ablation and hyperthermia are both used as medical treatments, and radiofrequency EMFs can cause indirect harm by inadvertently [I was not aware that EMFs were intentional] to interfere with active implantable medical devices (see ISO 2012) or by altering EMFs due to the presence of conductive implants.”

Nanoparticles are used in cancer treatments. They are injected into the tumor and then electromagnetic radiation is applied so that each nanoparticle burns away adjacent cancer cells. This is called “thermal ablation therapy.”[iii] So what happens when you fill the entire body with graphene oxide nanoparticles and then expose everyone to the inescapable and ubiquitous electromagnetic radiation that covers the entire planet, including from satellites and High Altitude Platforms ( HAPS) such as gliders and drones in the stratosphere?[iv]

Ricardo Delgado of La Quinta Columna has the answer:

“Anyone inoculated with this graphene oxide nanotechnology now has a fuse, dynamite, a time bomb ready to explode by the activation of a microwave oven.”

The answer is that you have a genocide. This was explained in graphical detail by a French engineer in a 2020 video (since removed by YouTube), but of which we have the transcript: 

“For me, these nanoparticles are part of a weapon system that enables depopulation without mass resistance. So, if you compare that to a system of explosives, the nanoparticle would be the rod of the plastic explosive, that is, the active material that is about to explode. The second thing that would be needed is a detonator. To me, this is the electromagnetic wave that’s going to make the nanoparticle vibrate, and the third thing is the control, I think we’ve found that now, it’s the idea of ​​​​2020 060606,[v],[vi] that is, the subcutaneous vaccination that the masters of the world are going to propose so that they can know where we are and trace us with 5G. The advantage that 5G has as a detonator is that it can track us. It is a directed energy weapon. So, we’ve been traced, they know where to send the wave and they know who they are going to warm up to. What do you need to get this weapon system operational? You have to be able to inject the nanoparticles into the body. The only way that seems consistent in history is to put it in the vaccines.”

This means that every adult or child who has received the “Covid” injections, and seemingly every other vaccine in recent years, is now a relay antenna and could die at any time from exposure to EMF, but this will manifest itself in a whole range or different diseases. And let’s also not forget that the geoengineering that’s going on over our heads all the time is also full of nanoparticles, and probably includes GO.

The canaries in the coal mine right now are pilots who have been vaccinated. Pilots and aircrew are occupationally exposed to very high levels of radiation. So is it any surprise to hear that four British Airways pilots have died after getting the vaccines and another five with Jet Blue Airlines? A Singapore Airlines flight had to divert to Moscow airport because a flight attendant suffered a stroke. There are even more rumors of pilots from other airlines falling dead.

New data: fully vaccinated people not only contract COVID, but also carry more virus, infecting unvaccinated people

I think we have become the target of a huge psyop and almost everyone is looking in the wrong direction. It’s all about electromagnetic radiation and that’s the key. Now that everyone who got the jab is full of graphene oxide, their only recourse is to follow the precautions so-called electrohypersensitive (EHS) people take and get rid of their cell phones and all wireless devices and make sure they never come in contact with wireless technology.

And of course, if governments don’t immediately turn off all antennas around the world (and they don’t have to tell us that’s a ridiculous thought, when they were only too happy to shut down the entire global economy for the non-existent Covid), then that’s fine evidence of genocidal intent, as the scientific literature is unequivocal that metals in the body become antennae when exposed to EMF.

The smoking gun of the Covid conspiracy is the graphene oxide nanoparticles in the vaccines. Now that we know this, it should be everyone’s priority to turn off all wireless technology and every antenna on the planet, as well as all 5G satellites. If we don’t, it will be a death sentence for the vaccinated.



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[iii] Radiofrequency ablation (RFA): This is probably the most commonly used type of thermal ablation. RFA uses high-energy radio waves for treatment. A thin, needle-like probe is inserted into the tumor for a short time, usually about 10 to 30 minutes. The probe is guided into place using ultrasound, MRI, or CT scans. The tip of the probe puts out a high-frequency current that creates very high heat and destroys the cells within a certain area. The dead cells are not removed, but become scar tissue and shrink over time. Hyperthermia to Treat Cancer.

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[v] Microsoft Patent 060606 – Body interfaced digital currency.


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