Shocking Document: How the United States Planned the War and Energy Crisis in Europe and choose as its Battlefield the Ukraine

Shocking Document: How the United States Planned the War and Energy Crisis in Europe and choose as its Battlefield Ukraine


Robert Gorter, MD, PhD. and Robin de Boer

September 30th, 2022


Germany’s minister for foreign affairs Annalena Baerbock, in a meeting in May 2022 with NATO and U.S. officials.

The Swedish newspaper Nya Dagbladet has published an article about the secret US plans to destroy the European economy through a war in Ukraine and an energy crisis.

The newspaper has managed to get hold of a remarkable document from the RAND Corporation, an American think tank, about weakening Germany and strengthening the United States.

The think tank notes that Germany has become a lot more independent after Brexit and that it has become increasingly difficult for the US to influence European governments.

European countries go to war

The ‘bright minds’ came up with the following strategy: make sure that Germany and France no longer cooperate with Russia. Germany is seen as the biggest economic and political threat to the US.

The think tank’s plan is mainly aimed at destroying the German economy. Shutting down Russian supplies “could create a crisis with devastating consequences for the German economy and indirectly for the European Union as a whole.”

How do you do that? By pulling European countries into war, the think tank says. The RAND Corporation writes in the document that “our actions in Ukraine will inevitably lead to a military response from Russia.”

The role of the green parties

Russia will not leave unanswered the enormous pressure exerted by the Ukrainian army on the Donetsk People’s Republic. Thus, it is possible to portray Russia as an aggressor and to declare the entire sanctions package, the confidential document reads.

The RAND Corporation also points out that the green parties in Europe are easy to get caught up in by the US. The dominant role of green parties is necessary for Germany to fall into this trap, the document said.

RAND Corporation’s think tank, which has a huge workforce of 1,850 employees and a budget of $350 million, has the official aim of “improving policies and decision-making through research and analysis”. It is primarily connected to the United States Department of Defence and is infamous for having been influential in the development of military and other strategies during the Cold War in Europe.

The German environmental movement is ‘dogmatic, even fanatical’ and the think tank expects the German Greens to ignore economic arguments and strongly support sanctions. “This makes it possible to implement the sanctions without any problems.”

The document specifically mentions German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock. And the current Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz recently said at a meeting in Prague that Germany will “continue to support Ukraine for as long as it takes.” “If I promise the Ukrainians that I will be by their side as long as they need us, then I will deliver,” Baerbock said. “Regardless of what my German voters think.”


Bundeskanzler (Prime Minister) Olaf Scholz  (*14 June 1958)

Domino effect

The authors of the document hope the damage will be so extensive that it will be impossible for Germany and Russia to re-establish ties at a later date.

The cessation of energy supplies will have devastating consequences for the German economy. The authors talk about energy shortages, parts shortages, logistical disruption, and ultimately a domino effect.

The RAND Corporation is heading for a total economic collapse in Europe. “Not only will this be a devastating blow to the German economy, but the entire economy of the entire European Union will also eventually collapse.”

Of course, after the article was published, the think tank wrote in a press release that the document is ‘fake’.

Shocking document: How the US planned the war and energy crisis in Europe

Nya Dagbladet published on September 15th, 2022:

  • In what appears to be an exceptional internal leak from the think tank RAND Corporation, known among other things to have been behind the American strategy for foreign and defense policies during the Cold War, a detailed account is given of how the energy crisis in Europe has been planned by the United States.
  • The document, which dates from January 2022, acknowledges that the aggressive foreign policy that was being pursued by Ukraine before the conflict would push Russia into having to take military action against the country. Its actual purpose, it contends, was to pressure Europe into adopting a wide range of sanctions against Russia, sanctions which had already been prepared.
  • The European Union’s economy, it states, “will inevitably collapse” as a result of this, and its authors rejoice in the fact that, among other things, resources of up to $9 billion will flow back to the United States, and well-educated young people in Europe will be forced to emigrate.
  • The key objective described in the document is to divide Europe – especially Germany and Russia – and destroy the European economy by placing useful idiots in political positions in order to stop Russian energy supplies from reaching the continent.


If one wants to understand the background of this centuries-old battle between certain Anglo-Sachsen-American institutions and Middle European societies/cultures on European soil, one should read the various books and lectures by Rudolf Steiner, PhD, (1861-1925) on this topic.


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