German researchers see link between excess mortality and vaccination rate:’Tough conclusion’

German researchers see the link between excess mortality and vaccination rate:’Tough conclusion’

November 19th, 2021


The German politician Ute Bergner (Bürger für Thüringen) has commissioned research into the excess mortality in the state of Thuringia. Over the past six weeks, there has been an excess mortality rate in Germany of 10 percent.

The statisticians Bergner has hired have concluded that excess mortality increases with the increase in vaccination coverage. Thus vaccine deaths.

The images were posted on social media by independent journalist Henning Rosenbusch:

Dichotomy and discrimination

Bergner said in the Thuringian Landtag on Wednesday that citizens should be able to decide for themselves whether they want to be vaccinated. 2G promotes dichotomy and discrimination, according to the politician.

Data analyst Daniël van der Tuin points out that there is also unexplained excess mortality in the Netherlands and that the excess mortality of 10,000 in Great Britain has now reached the mainstream media.

Van der Tuin discovered that there was no excess mortality when the vaccination campaign started in the Netherlands. By the end of the summer, vaccination coverage of about 80 percent had been achieved. After that, however, mortality continued to rise. At the moment we are dealing with significant excess mortality. These are not corona deaths. “But what is the explanation?” asks the data analyst. Many reports from ICU medical doctors document that most admitted patients are vaccinated patients with a range of life-threatening conditions, like heart attacks (myocardial infarctions), strokes and both emboli and bleedings; and various forms of cancer and auto-immune diseases.

Basically everywhere

Neurologist Jan Bonte says about the German research: “Excess mortality in Thuringia, just like everywhere else, goes parallel to the vaccination rate. Nobody interested to ask the question why?”

Author and speaker Hans van Tellingen adds: “This is a tough conclusion. Excess mortality in Germany is correlated with an increased vaccination rate. Whether this is correct? It seems more and more like it. You see the same pattern in every country. More and more research will follow to prove whether this is indeed the case.”


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