“It is forbidden to administer something that brings people’s lives into danger.”


“It is forbidden to administer something that brings people’s lives into danger.”

The Swiss medical network Aletheia warns of the Covid-19 law. In the course of yesterday’s press conference, Sucharit Bhakdi also turned to the Swiss votes:

Primum Non Nocere, Secundum Cavere, Tertium Sanare

May 29th, 2021


The Covid-19- and the PMT law are currently moving to Switzerland. The Swiss voters will vote on the two templates on 13 June 2021. On the plan, they also called the critical physician network Aletheia. “There are two votes on the agenda that are enormous. Not only for us but also for later generations, “said Aletheia founding member Med. Andreas Heisler at the beginning of the press conference, which the physician network on May 28th, 2021 held in the Cage Tower in Bern. The focus of the conference was also the two templates.

But worrying, the physician network, which now belongs to 2500 people, is not just because of the two laws. Thinking Aletheia also gives the pressure that is now exercised on children to vaccinate. At the forefront involved are the media again, said Heisler. This exceeded the last red line. Therefore, it now applied to act with facts and science. Both have held up the network in recent months.

Heisler appealed to central importance in this context, which the medical profession is coming. “You have a special responsibility. We doctors have to stand up for our patients. » That is right now central because measures prevailed that would weaken the patient’s immune system. “No action has really brought something,” Stressed Heisler. It is therefore the duty of doctors to point out and to say that they would now have to be terminated.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi was switched on via Livestream. The former specialist for microbiology and infection epidemiology and former head of the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene of the Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz turned to the Swiss votes in an emotional speech. Bhakdi also explained what connects him to Switzerland.

The infection epidemiologist spent several years of his childhood in Switzerland. A time in which he learned Switzerland to love. A strong influence on him later had the Swiss Dr. Walter Siegenthaler, who was director of the German medical Polyclinic in Bonn from the end of the sixties. In the clinic, he was also a long Bhakdi’s supervisor. Siegenthaler had never been tired of pointing to the responsibility which physicians come.

Studies show that up to 80 percent of the population is naturally – thanks to the T cell system – immune to the virus. There is, therefore, no reason to vaccinate people and thus suspend the dangers of dangerous side effects. Above all, there is no single durable and scientifically founded reason to vaccinate children. For this age group, the virus is harmless. Therefore, the vaccine is equal to you a personal injury and is criticized for us.

The Federal Council may determine the approval procedure of medicines on their own and bypass the Swissmedic. Nobody guarantees us that this competence will not be extended to vaccines later by law.

Nobody knows which codes will be integrated into gene-based vaccines in the future. Future transparent control of the ingredients is not intended and will hardly be possible.

The experience until today shows that the side effects and deaths in connection with vaccination worldwide have increased massively. Eudora Vigilance from the EMA (European drug agency, the European counterpart to the Swissmedic and the FDA in the USA), has registered by January 8, 2021, 10’570 Deaths and 405’259 severe side effects. In such occurrences, standard studies with subjects are stopped immediately. Why does not this happen here? Also; the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) epidemic has proven not to be a devastating pandemic.

The Federal Council claims the current law on the table has nothing to do with vaccination. However, Article 3a and 6a see privileges for vaccinated and take away the unvaccinated their fundamental rights. Therefore, this statement of the Federal Council is wrong. Discrimination against unvaccinated puts massive pressure on the people to be vaccinated. This is equivalent to a vaccination. The Federal Council implements the division of Swiss society with the Covid-19 law – Swiss apartheid.

For these reasons, Aletheia pleads on 13 June 2021 for a clear NO to the Covid-19 law and vaccination. The Medical Association also rejects the PMT law.

Other contributions from the Aletheia members on the press conference «The other side of the Corona crisis – is the humanity remained on the track? Review and experience from medical practice »can be viewed here.

Contributors were:

Dr. Med. Andreas Heisler, general internal medicine

Dr. Med. Thomas Binder, Cardiology

Dr. Med. Urs Guthauser, Surgery and Sports Medicine

Dr. Med. Ruke Wyler, psychiatry and psychotherapy

Prof. Dr. Med. Sucharit Bhakdi, microbiology and infection epidemiology

Dr. Björn Riggenbach, general internal medicine


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