Fake pandemic, inflation, food shortages, injections. The SYSTEM MACHINE is in agony

Fake pandemic, inflation, food shortages, injections. The SYSTEM MACHINE is in agony, SNAPING in the last hopeless panicking (re-)action.


Robert Gorter, MD, PhD.

June 24th, 2022



Within days, the complete destruction of the approximately 300 facilities and laboratories that have produced biological weapons, “vaccines”, etc. will be completed. Russian special forces have been spotted in Nigeria and Central America.

These Big Pharma facilities will be completely destroyed.

Most NATO member states have not been able to deliver any form of war that NATO wanted to wage and will no longer be able to do so. The only achievement is surrendering arms to the Ukrainian oligarchs – a mega disarmament operation is taking place right under our noses. It is bizarre to observe what is actually happening in relation to the media propaganda being poured out on the population. The latter has nothing to do with reality and should keep the masses in the matrix.

The SYSTEM falters when the stop and stop.

The cyborg leaders within the SYSTEM are terrified of that. People are more anxious about what their boss will do to them than the firing squad.

The countries and leaders that continue to support the existing system will be charged with crimes against the people and no concession of any kind will be made in any of the proceedings. Certainly, not all those leaders allow countries to still support the genocidal decisions of both the UN and the WHO, and NATO. These international organizations will be legally dissolved in a short time once the GESARA law is implemented in virtually all countries of the world. That means there is an international martial law under which all the leaders of all countries will fall into illegality and imprisonment, after which new elections will have to be declared 120 days later in all countries so that all mandates,

The current economic power of the System Machine under the command of the Rothschilds and the old Black Adele of the European castes will no longer have any influence on world domination. These usurped powers centuries and millennia ago will be banned pending appropriate trials for malicious conspiracy and complicity in crimes against HUMANITY.


All old political activities will be suspended until new elections are held after 120 days under strict guidelines under military supervision.


Not a single well-known international politician will be in the picture because in these new elections only suitable, impeccable, and transparent persons who have no connection with the old system – from jurisdiction to political “opposition” – will run for the elections. So whoever is now in the “opposition” within the SYSTEM and who is honest, transparent, and honest, should get out NOW, put themselves under military protection (SHAEF) and tell the people how it really works.


With the renunciation of the “purge oath,” you as a politician have recovered as a HUMAN.


The transformation has been going on for years and will be carried out with the ultimate goal of transferring sovereignty to the peoples and ensuring the individual sovereignty of each inhabitant of the earth.


Sovereignty shall be complemented by all rights, including all associated benefits and the right to compensation.


If all research analyzes of the sovereign people to be compensated are error-free, then compensation is absolutely done according to law.


The irrevocable restoration of the old paradise on earth can only be achieved with the total elimination of the present earthly hell and the destruction of slavery.


The purge and successive destruction of the corrupt (rotten) System Machine will be relentless.


But we must not deviate a millimeter anymore.


The absolute and iron will restore creation as it was once intended must be at the top of our list.


Men, women and children, families, tribes, sovereign rights, and respect for life. There is room for everyone. There is no scarcity. There is no climate problem or nitrogen problem. There is no overpopulation, there is no incurable disease. There is only a MACHINE that wants to be the last “move” to eliminate the last genes and brain capacity of humans. Look around you, listen to the crazy stories, the contradiction and brutality and you know from which direction the wind is blowing.


MAN is constructed to liquidate the Machine. This makes us the greatest danger to that Machine. However, to avoid the pain, many have unwillingly consented to be integrated into the MACHINE through complete submission.


The morbid convulsions of governments and “leaders” in their final agony are going to cause us much more pain. “They” will do everything they can. from fake pandemics to famines. From a fake invasion of “aliens” to the next fake pandemic. Based on a lot of blusters and scaremongering. The latter is a unique control mechanism that disables all other mechanisms (senses). With a mutilated pineal gland, minimized brain capacity, and almost completely disconnected DNA, it is only a matter of time and the normal-looking human also functions as a cyborg in the matrix. Willless, rudderless, empathyless, and probably childless.


All manner of synthetic misery is being poured over us as if the apocalyptic prophecies are to be carried out seamlessly by a group of demon-possessed preprogrammed cyborgs.


The weak West is up first. From pandemic to war to nuclear threats and devastation. The throttling of resources through unreal inflation. Conscious throttling of food and energy supplies. Sanctions that only affect our own citizens. Liquidating the self-employed and farmers. It’s all part of it and is as predictable as the rising of the sun.


Protect yourself and your children and stand still.


Because “they” have already lost the battle for a long time.


THEY know that very well themselves, but most of us don’t yet.


That is, from now on, yes.


The rotten SYSTEM in death throes is kicking venomously in its final rearguard action.

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