Robert Gorter Teaching in Bologna

Robert Gorter Teaching in Bologna, Italy (January 2014)

Robert Gorter assisted in setting up and running the school “Stella Maris”, the school for art therapy in Bologna, which was founded as a spring off from the “Scuola di Luca.”

In 1994, with Fiorenza de Angelis, Robert Gorter founded the “Scuola di Luca” in Florence, Italy, in 1994. Scuola di Luca was carried by a non-profit foundation with the same name. Quickly, Scuola di Luca became very popular and hundreds of students graduated from the school which is was also quickly recognized by the State of Italy as an Academy. Stella Maris was a branch (“spin off”) of Scuola di Luca as many students were coming from Northern Italy. Also in Padua and Genua, requests came to have a school under the guidance of Robert Gorter and Fiorenza de Angeles .


Robert Gorter with one class of his students for Art Therapy of Stella Maris, the school for art therapy in Bologna, Italy.

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A few students from Stella di Maris observe each other‘s work of that morning during the long-weekend seminar on the Double (“il Doppio”) with Robert Gorter in Bologna in January 2014.


One of the main buiuldings from the early 1400’s at the central market square of Bologna.


Like any other Italian city, each church is a museum in itself, loaded with art treasures from many centuries and can be seen by anybody who comes through the door. All day, churches welcome anybody to enter: also non-Christians.


A few pictures of one of the 80+ churches still in use in Bologna in Italy. Each church is a museum by itself, loaded with art treasures from many centuries.


Another impression of the atmosphere of in the very center of the Italian city of Bologna around 5.00 pm in January 2014


Around 5.00 pm in the very center of the Northern Italian city of Bologna, where Robert Gorter lectures a few times per year at “Scuola Stella Maris”, which is a spin off from the academy for Art Therapy in Florence (“Scuola di Luca”), founded by Robert Gorter in 1994 in Florence


A few pictures to give an impression of the atmosphere of in the very center of the Northern Italian city of Bologna, which was founded about 2.500 years ago


The entrance gate of one of the main buildings at the central square of Bologna, Italy


One more group photo of one class of students at Stella di Maris with on the front row Francisc Settani, who translated Robert Gorter from English into Italian.

Nowadays, Robert Gorter teaches one to two long weekend seminars at Stella Maris in Bologna per year. The theme of this long weekend at Stella Maris in January 2014 was “the Double”  (or, “il Doppio”). Paintings by the Dutch painter Jeroen Bosch were discussed as he painted clearly as an artist various aspects of the Double. See the chapter on the Double.



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