Goddess Kali, Cycle of Death and Rebirth

By Robert Gorter, MD, PhD, et. al.

Robert Gorter is emeritus professor of the University of California San Francisco

Medical School (UCSF)

Goddess Kali, Cycle of Death and Rebirth, Destruction of Form, Overcoming of Demons and one’s Double, Tantra and Libido

In this contribution, Dr. Robert Gorter attempts to share the knowledge of Kali Yuga and what Rudolf Steiner has written and lectured about.

The Old Norse compound Ragnarok or “Twilights of the Gods” (Sanskrit: “Kali Yuga”) has a long history of interpretation there is now a consensus that the word Ragnarök means “The final destiny of the Gods.”

19th century portrait of Wotan in the Ring, the most famous opera by Richard Wagner

The Northern European mythology is melancholic in its mood and predicts the necessity (karma) for the Gods to leave the earth and leave mankind alone. The consequences would be deceit, killing of brothers (Abel and Cain motive), en-slavery by gold and despotism, etc. The concept of Kali Yuga from the ancient Indian tradition is the same process as the Twilights of the Gods in Northern European mythology: the Gods are no longer perceivable by man.

When Ragnarök (Kali Yuga) arrived, Fenrir (Ahriman) broke free from his fetter, and joined the other giants and monsters in a war against the Gods. Fenrir fought against Wotan, until the wolf killed and devoured Wotan. Vidar avenged his father’s death, by ripping Fenrir’s jaw apart with his bare hands.

Thus, both in the ancient Indian culture (First Post-Atlantean Epoch) as well as in the Northern European cultures (preparing the Fifth Post-Atlantean Epoch) Kali Yuga is well-described and predicted to happen as a necessity. The gods are unfree: man must develop freedom by being left alone by the Gods.

During the process of obtaining (achieving) freedom, man must learn practice self-control and be ready to go through trial and error, by giving up instant gratification and through postponement and at times, sacrifice.

Wotan with his attributes the spear (stands for the development of human ego with its self-consciousness) and the ravens (as messengers between earth and Walhalla) and the infamous giant wolves Fenrir and Moongarm

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