University for Anthroposophic Studies

University for Anthroposophic Studies As a response to many requests of students and patients around the world and the opportunity to establish a Long Distance Learning Program online for Anthroposophical Health studies (offered by San […]


Robert Gorter Teaching in Bologna

Robert Gorter Teaching in Bologna, Italy (January 2014) Robert Gorter assisted in setting up and running the school “Stella Maris”, the school for art therapy in Bologna, which was founded as a spring off from […]


Robert Gorter in Rio de Janeiro

Robert Gorter in Rio de Janeiro (1987)   Robert Gorter in front of the huge Christ statue on the tallest mountain of Rio de Janeiro with a amazing view over Rio and its Bay (1988) […]


Lukas Klinik Seminar

Lukas Klinik Seminar in Switzerland (1973) Robert Gorter attended the Lukas Klinik Seminar in Arlesheim in Switzerland from August through December 1973 to learn more about the treatment of cancer patients according to the principles of Anthroposophical […]


Visit to Berlin

Robert Gorter’s visit to Berlin Robert Gorter lived in Berlin from 1993 through 2000. Read more about this He still loves to go to Berlin and finds reasons to go there at times. This picture […]


Three Fold Social Order & Civil Society

Three Fold Social Order & Civil Society In the social ferment of postwar Europe in 1919, Rudolf Steiner, PhD (1861 – 1925) presented his ideas about reforming the basis of society in three fundamental, autonomous […]


Robert Gorter and Harmen Wagenmakers

Robert Gorter and Harmen Wagenmakers For a “Second Opinion” Robert Gorter met Harmen Wagenmakers for the first time on September 21st, 2006 at the Medical Center Cologne in Germany. Harmen was in a bad clinical condition: yellow […]