Robert Gorter Analyzes the Role of the US Federal Reserve

Robert Gorter Analyzes the Role of the US Federal Reserve

Robert Gorter was always impressed by what Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) had presented in public lectures since 1918.  One year after the Russian Revolution, Steiner reported on how Lenin was sent in a train from Switzerland to Moscow to support and take the lead in establishing a communist state with six million US Gold dollars, provided by the US Government in Washington DC. Six million Gold Dollars was a huge amount of money. For the same amount 13 years earlier the USA bought all of Alaska from the Czar at that time for six million US Gold Dollars.

Now, recently opened archives in Moscow show that indeed, this happened exactly as Steiner described.  Steiner also said that the establishing of a communist state was an experiment, led by a group of about 200  individuals and families who would have the economic power in the USA. He warns that these roughly 200 families hold the true economic power and with that the political power. US presidents would only have limited say. The way he speaks about these 200 families reminds Robert Gorter very much of the privately owned Federal Reserve as it was established in 1917 and has roughly 200 shareholders. The shareholders’ names are not public but it is a public secret that the Bank of America is one shareholder.

Steiner mentioned that this US led experiment to have Russia develop a communist state was planned to last 70 years. Then, this communist state would collapse (Steiner: “implode”). And indeed, this happened as we all know.

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