WHO officially confirms: Covid vaccination is dangerous like no other vaccine!

WHO officially confirms: Covid vaccination is dangerous like no other vaccine!

Reported by Robert Gorter, MD, PhD.

November 23rd, 2021


As the World Health Organization (WHO) points out about the side effects of vaccines and drugs, “the experimental Covid vaccines seem to be more dangerous than any other.” That must not remain a secret! But the politicians and the mainstream media are not interested.

Any drug or vaccine can cause side effects (ADR). It’s completely normal. And usually, the benefits of a drug or vaccination outweigh the potential harm. Anything else wouldn’t make sense. Or? But new data from the World Health Organization at the very least casts strong doubts on the benefits of the experimental Covid vaccine.  However, it is very unlikely that the mainstream media will publish this data. Because they contradict the common narrative that these experimental vaccines are “safe.”

In 2015, the WHO created a database (VigiBase) about the side effects of vaccines and medicines. There is public access to this database via VigiAccess. All reported side effects are published in it (although the rule here is that they make up only a fraction -2%- of all side effects). The current data speaks for itself.


They laugh right in your face! Look at the table and ask yourself why as a non-injected you are fatally blamed for not wanting to die right away…..and rather take another WHO-approved “medicinal product” even though you are not sick.

And lo and behold: Ivermectin and HCQ are also on the WHO list and are qualified in the same way as the “Covid-19 vaccine”, which is not a vaccine at all, but an experimental gene therapy. That non-vaccine does not belong on this list at all, but on this overview…. Who’s crazy here??

Let’s compare HCQ to the Covid-19 vaccine. The first has been applied/registered since 1968, so 53 years and that means 615 cases of side effects per year. If we applied the Covid-19 vaccine over the same period, we would be talking about 130,241,000 cases.

Even if you as a government would not oblige anything, the withholding of data by politicians, civil servants and the media results in the death penalty in a Military Tribunal. It is probably for this reason that the conglomerate neurotically continues their genocidal raids on Humanity.

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