Medical Center Cologne Cairo

Medical Center Cologne Cairo, Egypt

Dr. Gorter visits Cairo (Egypt) for the opening of Medical Center Cologne Cairo (May-June 2009). Medical Center Cologne, specialized in the treatment of cancer patients and patients with chronic, degenerative diseases with nontoxic therapies with autologous stem cells and dendritic cells, opened  a new practice in Nasr City / Cairo Egypt in May 2009. The team at the Medical Center Cologne Cairo is very committed to serving all patients in Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East.

UntitledMedical Center Cologne Cairo


A part of the Medical Center Cologne Cairo team

Robert Gorter Cairo

Dr. Robert Gorter gives this lecture as keynote speaker at the Ain Shams University in Cairo at a conference on stem cells. Dr. Gorter reported on its research and clinical application in patients with Parkinson’s, liver cirrhosis and HCV-associated diabetes mellitus.

mcc cairo

Dr. Robert Gorter was accompanied on his trip to Tanta by General Gharabawy Rasoul, the manager of the Medical Center Cologne Cairo office and Dr. Gina Atef, full-time medical oncologists on the same desk

robert gorter egypt

Dr. Robert Gorter with several faculty members from the Department of Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology at the University of Tanta during a panel discussion after the lecture

dr. robert gorter and gina

 Dr. Gorter and Dr. Gina Atef are preparing to see patients all day in the office of the Medical Center Cologne Cairo (Nasr City)

robert gorter cairo

Dr. Robert Gorter on his way to His room at the Atlantis hotel after a full day of meetings and an aftar meal

dr. gorter atlantis hotel

A view from the balcony from Dr. Gorter’s suite at the Atlantis Hotel. The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai HAS axis ITS theme Atlantis, the Lost Continent Which was still refereed to by the great ancient Greek philosopher Plato. Famous is the five stories tall deep-sea aquarium fishes with More Than 60,000. Dr. Gorter Usually stays at this hotel When he visits Dubai

Robert with Doctors in Cairo Nov. 17th, 2007 2

Robert Gorter with several young medical doctors and Dr. Gina Atef (second from the right) in Cairo (November 17th, 2007)

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