Mariupol: Bunkers Azovstahl factory brimming with pedophiles and child traffickers.

Mariupol: Bunkers Azovstahl factory brimming with pedophiles and child traffickers.


Robert Gorter, MD, PhD.

(with thanks tot he Betaafsche Courant)

Putin: Pedophiles and traffickers hide in Azovstal. The world’s largest human smuggler’s organization is about to be exposed.

May 6th, 2022


If the mainstream media is to be believed, the final battle for the Ukrainian city of Mariupol began this week as Russian troops entered the massive Azovstal steel mill where, according to “President” Volodymyr Zelensky, thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians have been hiding for weeks.

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin has other information on who exactly is hiding in the underground bunkers and tunnels of the colossal complex.

Speaking to President Donald J. Trump on Wednesday night, Putin said child traffickers responsible for the kidnapping of thousands of Russian children were embedded among the civilians detained in Azovstal. He also stated that Zelensky was endangering the lives of thousands of innocents by protecting hundreds of people smugglers on Azovstal.

Either Zelensky is really trying to protect these traffickers, using civilians as human shields, or he hopes the Russians bomb the factory to oblivion and kill everyone, including the traffickers so that if they get caught, they cannot involve Zelensky in the largest human trafficking organization the world has ever known.

Putin named two individuals:

(1) Yuriy Kosiuk, a Ukrainian billionaire whose estate on the Khotiv settlement had been bombed into a smoking mess by Russian troops….


(2) Alexan Hadjetian, a wealthy Armenian citizen who had marketed children on Ukrainian soil for nearly 20 years. Putin said he had solid evidence that both men were hiding somewhere in Azovstal’s dark, twisting, difficult-to-follow intricate tunnel system.

The Ukrainian ‘freedom fighters’ entrenched in Azovstal do not know the truth about Kosiuk and Hadjetian and have been led to believe that they are the key to the resistance and must be protected at all costs. It is Putin’s sense that the blood of the fallen civilians is on Zelensky’s hands because it is he who uses them as a human shield to protect the child traffickers and pedophiles.

Vladimir Putin has, of course, already allowed hundreds of civilians to leave the area safely via a controlled evacuation corridor, with Russian troops — who have photos of Kosiuk, Hadjetian, and half a dozen other known smugglers — scrutinizing every person who leaves.

Before besieging Azovstal, Putin gave Zelensky a chilling ultimatum: “Hand over the criminal scum and then turn yourself in, or I’m not responsible for what happens next.”

“Since we have not received a response, the Zelensky pig’s intentions are clear,” Putin reportedly told Trump. “He will continue to give refuge to these wicked men. Maybe he hopes I kill them so they won’t testify against him. These guys in that bunker have committed terrible atrocities and they won’t be able to escape.

The Russian president wants Trump at his next rally to tell people what is really going on in “Ukraine”. This request will not be followed up due to the situation surrounding the vicissitudes surrounding the US election fraud of 2020, where Joe Biden „won“ the election.

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