Many Newborns with severe Heart Problems on ICUs; all Mothers fully Vaccinated

Many Newborns with severe Heart Problems on ICUs; all Mothers fully Vaccinated


Robert Gorter, MD, PhD.

November 11th, 2021


RIVM (the Dutch equivalent of the US NIH and, to a certain extent, the CDC) advises all pregnant women to be vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine from Pfizer or Moderna. More than 130,000 pregnant women in the United States have now received an mRNA vaccine and no serious side effects have been reported, according to RIVM.

Yet; many babies in the US are said to be born with heart problems and who ended up in ICU. Steve Kirsch, founder and director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, writes on Substack that he recently received an e-mail from a “very reliable source.”

Possibly even worldwide

The well’s fiancé knows a nurse who works at the local children’s hospital. The nurse had told the fiancé in confidence that, according to a colleague, all three neonatal intensive care units at the hospital are full of patients with heart problems. The nurse said all mothers were fully vaccinated.

The source said he expects that if this happens in one hospital, it will soon happen in other hospitals, possibly even worldwide. “Maybe it’s starting now because the vaccine craze broke out nine months ago.”

Dr. Gorter: “I am a practicing physician and consultant to several hospitals and I have noticed this trend in The Netherlands and in Germany too. But, it is difficult to get a good impression of the incidence as these data are not being kept systematically and if possible, not published (like all data on vaccine damage and deaths). Sincere researchers have documented that approx. 2% of all severe damages and deaths are being reported.

Since many severe side effects and deaths occur already in the first two weeks after vaccination, the definition of “vaccinated” has been officially changed a little while ago. Currently, a person is considered “fully vaccinated” only two weeks after the second jab. This means that many people who have severe damage or die after the jab within the first two weeks will be documented as “unvaccinated”!

Can this turn the tide?

The source suggested sharing this information with doctors who have contacts in large hospitals with neonatal ICUs, to see if there are also many newborns with heart problems.

“If this rumor is confirmed, it could potentially turn the tide of this war.”

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