Major SICK NOTICE expands further in US;

Major SICK NOTICE expands further in the US; trains are canceled as workers refuse COVID-19 “vaccination”


FRONT NEWS and with commentaries by Robert Gorter, MD, PhD.

October 15th, 2021

sick notice

After announcing that nearly all of its 18,000 employees must be “fully vaccinated” against the Wuhan virus by Nov. 22, 2021, Amtrak has suffered a “sickness report” similar to the one Southwest Airlines is currently facing.

In a tweet, Amtrak explained that at least two trains scheduled to depart on Oct. 10, 2021, had to be canceled “due to unforeseen crew issues.” The company promised that “alternative transportation” would be provided to stranded passengers.

Rumor has it that this latest sick leave is part of a larger nationwide protest started by air traffic controllers and Southwest Airlines. The next carrier to join them is American Airlines.

“Let the Covidians drive their own train,” tweeted author Jim Hanson, along with the hashtag #GoingGalt, which is a reference to Ayn ​​Rand and the idea that one doesn’t have to account for one’s life or wealth to one’s neighbors, “society, bureaucrats or politicians.

“Oh, that’s true… They can’t,” Hanson added about how the Covidians who are ramping up all this tyrannical nonsense will soon have no one left to run the businesses that generate their ill-earned profits.

“Airlines and Amtrak are fighting against unconstitutional and unethical mandates,” tweeted entrepreneur Oliver Cantin. “YOU LIKE TO SEE IT!”

Brave Americans Join Forces to Dismantle System Fascism

In case you missed Southwest’s story, which is still going on: The airline has had to cancel nearly 2,000 flights in recent days because pilots and other crew members refuse to be forcibly injected against the COVID-19 flu / Wuhan virus

More Corona cases and deaths since the vaccination

The mainstream media largely obscures the truth about the situation and blames “bad weather” and “fog”, but most paying attention knows the truth. There are still Americans with self-respect and dignity who will not be injected against their will just to receive a salary: it would also be like prostitution, a few crew members told me.

To be fair, this kind of bravery is rare, but it is widely demonstrated and growing rapidly. Others are inspired to do the same, and the goal is to dismantle the systemic fascism that has entrenched itself in American society under the guise of fighting a “pandemic” (pandemic or academic).

In the case of Southwest, the company’s CEO, Gary Kelly, lies about why he wants to force his employees to take the jabs. Kelly claims that a federal government’s “COVID-19 vaccination guideline” is forcing him to mandate the injections, even though no such guideline actually exists.

Even if that directive existed, it would not be constitutionally valid or enforceable. But the fact is that guideline doesn’t exist and Kelly is just lying, like many others who seem to get a kick out of tyrannizing others with pharmaceutical bioweapons.

If this continues to catch on, truck drivers, dockworkers, and others who keep this country and its economy going are expected to lay down their jobs as well. Then it will really explode because suddenly there is no more food in the supermarket and no more beer in the local pub.

US: More cases of fully vaccinated people testing positive for Corona and are filling the hospitals now

“We need a nationwide strike. Every employee in every industry should walk away until we say otherwise,” wrote a Citizen Free Press commentator.

“Stopping the economy is how it’s done,” stressed another.

Similar moods exist in Europe.

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