infection rate is higher than ever before because people wrongly THINK they are safe when they are vaccinated

Dutch Minister of Health Hugo De Jonge: infection rate is higher than ever before because people wrongly THINK they are safe when they are vaccinated

November 19th, 2021

hugo de jonge

Outgoing Dutch Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge (who is a kindergarten teacher) made a striking statement in the House last night. “Just assume that the infection rate is higher than ever. That is not only the case in the Netherlands, it is the case all over Europe, Israel, and the USA and it has all the reasons I think we could think of together, namely indeed our behavior – of course, people feel safe when they are vaccinated,” he proclaimed.

The statement caught the attention of columnist Marianne Zwagerman, who writes: “Joehoe Hugo, do you know why people feel safe? Because their health minister said over and over that they are fully protected maybe?”

‘Fully protected’

She refers to a tweet that De Jonge posted on June 16. In it, he wrote: “About 8.3 million 18+ people have had at least one shot. Of these, about 4.5 million are fully protected against corona.”

On December 24 of 2020, the minister tweeted: “A vaccination against the coronavirus protects yourself, but also the people around you. After enough people have been vaccinated, corona can no longer spread uncontrollably. One has then established Herd Immunity.”

De Jonge wrote on Twitter on 4 May: “Almost 1.5 million people between the ages of 18-60 with an increased medical risk can make an appointment for vaccination by invitation from their GP. They can make the first appointment up to two weeks earlier and are fully protected up to eight weeks earlier.”

But….one stays just as contagious

RTL Nieuws reported at the end of the month of October 2021, based on a study published in the scientific medical journal The Lancet, that people who have been vaccinated twice can be just as contagious as unvaccinated people.

Since the introduction of the vaccine passports, the number of ‘cases’ in the Netherlands has increased by 680 percent: and of course, as therefore, many more people are forced to be tested. The more you test the more you will find… but the data are also of great concern as almost all who test positive or have to be admitted to the hospital are vaccinated at least twice.

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