Bill Gates bankrolling DESTRUCTION OF ALL TREES to stop “global warming”

Bill Gates bankrolling DESTRUCTION OF ALL TREES to stop “global warming”

Prof. Dr.Robert Gorter and Ethan Huff

September 05th, 2023


In order to stop the planet from melting into a puddle of overly warmed goo, billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates wants to chop down all trees and bury them in the ground.

Over the next decade, Kodama Systems, a company that recently received a $6.6 million injection of seed funding from Gates’ “Breakthrough Energy” scheme, plans to raze at least 70 million acres of Western forests to prevent “climate change.”

“Burying trees can reduce global warming,” some scientists are apparently now claiming – watch the following episode of Crossroads with Joshua Philipp to learn more:

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Destroying the Earth for wild “green” endeavors is a high-profit move for Gates and his ilk

Most of the trees slated for removal are in California, where Kodama plans to axe them to death and bury them under the soil in order to prevent their carbon from “spewing” back into the atmosphere.

Carbon is the basis of all life on Earth, of course, but Gates and other globalist-industrialist carbon haters want it gone so they can capture the entire world for their own personal use once all real-life forms are gone and everything left is trans-human or synthetic.

There is also a lot of money to be made from the largely fictitious carbon market, which is where the coordinators of this new tree-slashing project hope to sell carbon credits for profit.

After burying the dead trees and other debris, known as biomass, in large, dry, oxygen-free “earthen vaults,” Gates et al. will be able to sell lots of carbon credits and make a large fortune in the process.

You may recall that not too long ago, the “green” cult was all about trees. In fact, they used to chain themselves to trees that were slated for removal to build, say, a large high-rise building. Now, the greenies are anti-tree because trees release oxygen and take in carbon dioxide (CO2) every time they breathe.

Trees are a perfect “carbon capture” feature of nature, it turns out, but Gates cannot profit from them if they are allowed to remain standing. Thus, he is laser-focused right now on chopping down as many trees as he can get away with to get those carbon credit profits flowing into his bank account.

“Blue-haired communist trannies will volunteer for the destruction of the forests in order to put an end to white supremacy and to save the planet,” one commenter joked about this bizarre new plan.

“Douglas fir is the main reason for white racism in society today. No justice, no peace! They will not stop until every racist stream is destroyed and every evil forest is leveled. Fight racism now! Kill the salmon!”


Another joked that it is already too late because leftist arsonists have burned down the forests with “wildfires” caused by “global warming.”

“What Bill Gates and the WEF (World Economic Forum) cronies truly want is extermination of ALL life on this planet,” commented another.

“Hide the sun, bury the trees, abort more babies, push transgenderism so that more young kids sterilize themselves because they’re misled and confused – these people bank on our ignorance of science and truth.”

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