Torture, Sadism and Pleasure

“Evil=Power, Violence=Sexual”

Introduction by Dr. Robert Gorter, MD, PhD

This contribution wants to be an attempt by Dr. Robert Gorter to shed light on one of the darkest corners in each human soul and in our group souls (as archetypes, societal behavior, taboos).

Cruelty  is as old as human history but what has changed pretty suddenly since the early days of the Renaissance is the phenomenon that cruelty turned into something more evil: the intense (almost orgasmic) pleasure the torturer experiences while torturing his victims. These emotional ecstasies were first experienced during the times of torturing leaders of the Templars who built those Gothic Cathedrals and hospitals all over Northern Europe. Initially, main torturing took place in Paris and under the personal observation of Phillip the Fair.

From this very moment on, and increasingly, torture will go hand-in-hand with intense feelings of satisfaction of various kinds, including from sexual fantasies to cruel sexual rites from the side of the torturer.

This contribution by Dr. Robert Gorter is built up by the following structure:

  • Introduction to the phenomena of torture: power, violence, death and sexual practices, intense orgasmic satisfaction.
  • Public torture as a means of provoking fear: “if you break our rules, this will happen to you!”
  • The slippery road and the “Lucifer effect.” Here it is shown beyond doubt that between 60% and 90% of all law-obeying average citizens are willing and capable of torturing fellow citizens if they have been given a “higher mission”, to be “chosen.”
  • Examples like the torture that took place by male and female US soldiers alike at the Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq and the Jihadists.
  • Systematic torture by the State. Here, China has been taken as an example but multiple nations join ranks in State sanctioned, systematic torture. In addition, the phenomenon has been addressed that thousands of prisoners are held captive as a “living organ farm” for organ donations a la Carte for patients around the world, in need of an organ.
  • The history and the role of Amnesty International as an standard-setting NGO for Human Rights.
  • Current events around Jihadist attacks in Europe, and their “ripple effect.”
  • The spread of extreme interpretations of Islam by the Saudis: the rise and spread of Wahhabism that go hand-in-hand with petro-dollars
  • What had Rudolf Steiner to say about torture and the “Lucifer Effect”?


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