Don’t want a warp speed vaccine?

Don’t want a warp speed vaccine?


Ethan Huff and Robert Gorter, MD, PhD.

Monday, November 23rd 2020

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Don’t want a warp speed vaccine? Anthony Fauci says you are a threat to public health and more……

(Natural News) The biggest public health threat facing America today is not the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), according to Anthony Fauci. It is Americans who are planning to refuse Big Pharma’s fast-approaching experimental gene-manipulated Covid-19 vaccines.

Speaking to The New York Times in a recent interview, Dr. Anthony Fauci whined about the fact that tens of millions of Americans are still not buying what he is trying to sell them, no matter how many times he attempts to peddle it.

There are actually people out there, much to Fauci’s surprise, who “don’t think that this is a problem” – “this” being the plandemic. The endless fearmongering is apparently not producing the desired outcome, though Fauci is apparently going to keep trying.

“Despite a quarter million deaths, despite more than 11 million infections, despite 150,000 new infections a day, they don’t believe it’s real,” Fauci pouted. “That is a real problem.”

Poor Fauci. It must be really tough to come to the stark realization that you are totally and completely irrelevant – a nobody who thinks he is somebody, and the laughingstock of the nation.

Save for those with an extreme case of Stockholm syndrome, no rational, critically thinking person cares one iota about what Fauci has to say. And yet he keeps on saying it as though his opinions matter.

Fauci is about as legitimate as those Nigerian princes who used to send us all emails asking for our bank routing numbers so they could deposit a secret African inheritance. In other words, Fauci is nothing more than a scam artist pretending to be a public health expert.

Fauci says get your Covid-19 jab or you’re not a real American

As for the rapacious push to unleash Covid-19 vaccines at warp speed, Fauci claims that this is perfectly normal and in-line with the nature of messenger RNA (mRNA) technology, which he claims made it simple to produce the jabs in a matter of a few months.

For a little scientific background on mRNA technology, check out this article.

The Big Pharma companies that have developed mRNA vaccines for Covid-19 have done their due diligence, Fauci insists, and Americans should not even think twice about taking the jabs.

“By the time you get the FDA deeming that this is a safe and efficacious vaccine, you’ve had an independent and transparent process decide,” Fauci added during his screed.

“We’ve got to keep hammering that home because for the group of people who are concerned about the process, the process is sound.”

It is certainly our intention to keep “hammering” home the truth about these vaccines, which is that they do not work and are not safe, period. There is no legitimate scientific evidence to back them, and only empty promises through press releases coming from vaccine companies that are focused solely on profits.

Anyone who believes otherwise has his head deeply buried in the sands of cognitive dissonance because the truth is out there for those who are interested in it. Those who are not will be the ones lining right up to get the Trump-Fauci jabs once they are ready to be “powerfully distributed” by the military at warp speed.

“The solely theoretical concept / computer model of ‘herd immunity’ was invented by those folks to find the justification for vaccinating people not at risk of a pathogen or disease,” wrote one Zero Hedge commenter, noting that the very bedrock of the Religion of Vaccines is fatally flawed.

“If you don’t get the jab then you are a grandma-murdering, asymptomatic super-spreader,” wrote another, speculating about the type of propaganda we can all expect once the jabs are released. “See how that works?”

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