Denazification of the Ukraine is the only solution fort he current crisis


Denazification of Ukraine is the only solution for the current crisis

Robert Gorter, MD, PhD.

with thanks to the Groningse Krant

April 17th, 2022


From all parts of Europe, they traveled to Ukraine in recent years, mostly young men who radiated the optimism of hope reborn, a long-cherished, pan-European ideal that has never gone away could finally be revived here in the East. be blown. With financial injections from multi-billionaires like George Soros and Ihor Kolomoisky, new organizations were set up and training centers were set up. The future beckoned. Kolomoisky, in turn, maintains close ties with Zelensky.

Ultimately, an estimated 100,000 people signed up for organizations like Right Sector, Aidar, Azov, Patriot of Ukraine, and some lesser-known ultra-nationalist movements.

After the humiliations suffered by the Ukrainian army in 2014 (despite the Minsk agreement, Poroshenko started a large-scale offensive in the Donbas), ‘military advisers’ from mainly the US, but also France and Britain, came to Kyiv to put things in order. set. Many conscripts evaded the government’s call to register, hid, or even fled abroad. Once in the army, the young men and women deserted en masse, an estimate even mentions a third who flouted the orders of the then regime under Poroshenko, and thousands applied for asylum in Russia. The reason was unequivocal: they did not want to harass their own people in the Donbas with tanks and artillery guns. The military advisers had to find a solution for this and with the help of Western weaponry that was already supplied at that time, the Ukrainian army, which was a mess in 2014, was rebuilt from the ground up to an army of about 260,000 men.


Ukraine’s extreme right-wing Svoboda party and its founders, Oleh Tyahnybok and Andriy Parubiy played leading roles in the US-backed coup in February 2014. During an infamously leaked phone conversation before the Ukrainian government’s ouster, US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt mentioned Tyahnybok as one of the leaders they were working with; even as they tried to exclude him from an official position in the new government. At that time, previously peaceful protests in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, gave way to pitched battles with police and armed marches to try to break through barricades and reach parliament. Members of Svoboda and the newly-formed Right Sector militia, led by Dmytro Yarosh, battled officers, spearheaded marches, and raided a police armory for weapons. By mid-February 2014, these men with guns were the de facto leaders of the Maidan protests.

Russia has moved in with about a third of that number and in numbers alone, you can conclude that this is not a war of conquest, because to do that you have to come up with a force majeure. The amazement of the military experts who come to have their say here in the media can only be explained by the fact that they constantly assume this and apparently cannot imagine a targeted operation that has a very specific objective. Perhaps they are so used to the Western way of invading (“Shock & Awe”) where a country is completely destroyed in no time, that they get a certain cognitive dissonance when they see that large parts of the infrastructure are left intact, that cities are not taken and that the Ukrainian Air Force is still in the air (although they invariably turn around when they get Russian Sukhoys on the radar). The goal is expressly not regime change, but if you think biased in terms of ‘war’ and not ‘military operation’, which are two very different things, then you will indeed be surprised every time and misinterpret the events. And so follow the facts.

It is significant that those military experts at the NPO cannot add something that is new to me as a layman. This constant misanalysis is one of the reasons that the Russians will simply achieve their goal: denazification and demilitarization. No conquest, no land grab. The violence of the ‘war’, as the television experts call it, did not start with the invasion of the Russians, but with a drastic increase in shelling from 16 February by the National Guard in the Donbas area. The OSCE has reported on this, but our governments kept quiet and continue to insist that the aggression started from Russia. What an outright lie. The consistent, arrogant, and obstinate refusal to respect the security interests of another country is now turning against the West after many destructive interventions in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, etc.

To give you an idea: on February 17, 2022, the explosions in the area already increased drastically, the OSCE counted 316 in total (Donetsk and Luhansk added together). Two days later, the number increased to 1,413 explosions. On February 21, ca. 2000 explosions were reported. There was a clear, premeditated troop concentration in the area that was to lead to a full-scale attack in March of 2022.


That denazification is a serious objective of the Russians can be seen from the places where the arrows are most focused: Kharkiv, Odesa, Mariupol, etc. are home to strongholds of the paramilitary militias. The sluggishness of the Russian army stems from the fact that these strongholds are mainly located in urban areas, the humanitarian corridors you read about are an initiative of the Russians who want to rid the cities of civilians as much as possible before each operation.

The EU, on the other hand, tries to provide citizens with weapons, which is in fact a criminal act for several reasons. An untrained civilian, of course, can do nothing against a professional army, and as soon as he picks up a weapon, he falls neither under martial law nor under the protection civilians enjoy under the Geneva Conventions. You are just a walking target. If an armed civilian is shot, it can, on the other hand, serve as propaganda that the Russians are waging a brutal war. It is all a dirty game being waged here by the EU which only further endangers the lives of citizens. Often those weapons also fall into the hands of street criminals who then rob shops and otherwise threaten the population.


The neo-Nazi militias were incorporated into this new army. As late as 2019, 40 Congressmen in the US Senate voted to list the Azov battalion as a terrorist organization, which for unclear reasons did not happen. So you can safely say that a third (about 100,000 of the 260,000 men) of the Ukrainian army consists of people who propagate a certain vision of the world through the Wolfsangel, which at the time was the logo of the 2 nd Panzer Division of the Third Reich. Swastikas, the Tryzub (“Trident”), and other symbols expressing their veneration for the German SS of World War II can be found in photos of them posing, the NATO flag flailing unabashedly between the Nazi flags.

It makes you think about what that combination actually represents. But if you consider that, for example, the Azov battalion was already included in the National Guard on November 12, 2014, and all members have become contract soldiers, the association soon becomes clear. Indeed, there are several testimonies of foreigners who wanted to join the fight against Russia, who, as soon as they arrived at the training camp, was surprised to encounter an American officer who barked at them: “I’m in charge here!”. And Americans are there in the context of NATO’s assistance as “military advisers.”

The idea of ​​the American advisers (NATO is 80% dominated by the US) is that if you incorporate such people into the regular army, they push the morale of the ordinary soldiers in a certain direction. You can of course question that as an outsider, but psychologically that is well thought out if you have a certain goal in mind when building an army. Fanatic far-rights influence discipline and purpose within a group and ordinary conscripts are less likely to infect each other in their natural reluctance to fight against their own people. Desertion is a grave offense and ultra-nationalist, ruthless young men will not tolerate even the thought of it. The threat that emanates from under the skin is enough to keep the troops in line,


Azov Battalion in Mariupol

In Mariupol, about 1200 soldiers have been taken prisoner by the Russian alliance. Often these are such conscripts. You see them huddled together when a Chechen leader gives a sermon to the group about humanity and brotherhood and presents the pernicious fascist ideology with which the National Guard has been poisoned. It is clearly not what they expected after continuous propaganda stories about the inhumanity of the Russians and you see many Ukrainian soldiers staring at the ground with a stunning look. More poignant are the images of prisoners of war who are shown images of torture used by the fascist factions. Shocked, they can’t hold back their tears and you can hear one person clearly saying ‘I didn’t know.


It makes you think that many civilians who are shot and lying on the street in their own blood have a white ribbon around their arms, a sign of neutrality, but also of contact with the Russians. They hand out emergency rations in the cities where they come and you see those food parcels more than once next to a civilian who has been shot. The madness of hatred is sweeping through Ukraine, everything that is seen as collaboration is eliminated if possible and where appropriate put in the shoes of the Russians. From places where there is no fighting (about three-quarters of the country is not affected by the fighting), dozens of videos are uploaded to the internet of people being tied to poles or trees with foil: people who refuse ‘Slava Ukrainii!’ people who commit petty theft of hunger, people suspected of being pro-Russian, people who only speak Russian, people who refuse to join the paramilitary groups, people who ignore the curfew. Intimidated, no one dares to help them and some are frozen to death in the night, others are beaten until they bleed. Roma is once again taking the brunt of this new flare-up of white supremacy thinking. Small groups? It’s stadiums full that bring the Nazi salute† Reporters who report on this disappear without a trace, my friend Gonzalo Lira who reports from Kharkiv has not been received for a day now and we fear the worst. He is in the middle of the ultra-nationalist-dominated city and his last Twitter post contained a list of missing persons. He concluded with the comment: “If you don’t hear from me within 12 hours, you can put me on that list too”. I hope for the best but fear the worst.

Russians are fighting


Russians fighting neo-Nazis in Mariupol

Where the Chechens even carried civilians away in their military vehicles if they were too close to the firing line, the Azov battalion blew up bridges to prevent people from fleeing Mariupol. They settled in schools and herded people into the basements of apartment buildings where they had their gunners’ positions. Human shields. Civilians who fled were shot in the back. The city of Mariupol is now cleared of the neo-fascists and the testimonies of citizens flow in. The ruthlessness with which these people have used the inhabitants as human shields is unprecedented, prisoners of war are not taken, and some atrocities even pale those of the Islamic State. It won’t make the news, it won’t help the official story if you show videos of the hundreds of residents who rush into the street with relief and wave flags as the Russians drive-in . Vehicles are stopped to offer the boys presents and food parcels. When the DPR troops pass by, you can hear people say, “Thank God you’re here!”.

It is still unclear who or what is located on the extensive factory site of Azovstal. Despite the fact that the Azov battalion’s resistance provoked an armament impulse of 500 million, they are now trapped there like rats and six helicopters have already been taken out of the sky by the Russians that apparently had the task to take something or someone away. . Whatever it is that the Ukrainians want to secure, it must either be something precious or something that would rather not be revealed to the world. But at least French, English, German and Norwegian voices were heard over the tapped radio. Senior US officers may be trapped, but NATO’s (and thus the West’s) deep ties to fascist organizations like Azov, if you analyze the makeup of the Ukrainian military, clearly. And it should not come as a surprise if you know that the West already had dirty hands in Syria by supplying organizations affiliated with Isis and Al Qaeda with weapons and ‘military advisers in order to create the desired regime, without being involved in the name itself. to bring about change. Ultra-nationalist fascists are the stormtroopers of capitalism. Behind the ramblings about democracy are huge interests of, among others, Kolomoisky, from which you and I do not benefit. Azovstal is still a matter of days, but it is time for NATO, led by Washington, to de-nazify.

And don’t come to me with the argument that all this would be unthinkable because Zelensky is a Jew. The man openly declares that he will not abide by the Geneva Conventions, encourages the pillory of ordinary citizens, and does not in any way condemn the atrocities committed by his own militias in the recent past in camps that are now being discovered. The man adheres to the pan-European thought that permeates the Nazi factions (Kargi Plan). The man begs for money while oil and gas continue to flow through Ukraine from Russia, for which the country will receive a billion dollars in compensation. Per month. Your tenner adds nothing, but it is a statement of support for a regime that has systematically undermined every attempt at peace for eight years now.



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