Currently, (June 2023) Japan experiences super excess mortality post-vaccination campaigns

Currently, (June 2023) Japan experiences super excess mortality post-vaccination campaigns


Prof. Dr. med. Robert Gorter (MD, PhD)

(With thanks to The Expose and Rhoda Wilson)

June 25th, 2023


Featured image: Japan depends on overseas vaccines due to 30 years of inaction, Financial Times, 17 May 2021

In March 2023, Joel Smally wrote a scathing attack on Japanese Covidians for not recognizing the elephant in the room:  the “super excess” mortality post-vaccination campaigns.  Yesterday he provided an update on Japanese data to reveal that the trend continues. Formulated

In March 2023, we said: “Season 2023, which captures the second round of boosters, is not yet complete but from early showing, it will easily eclipse 2022.”

(Read more: Dumbo, the Japanese Elephant, Joel Smalley, 17 March 2023)

Unfortunately, we were right again.

They keep lining up for more Death Shots™. They keep on dying a few weeks later. Instead of shots, maybe they should start joining the dots.

Here’s the super “vaccination” campaign, courtesy of Our World in Data:


Note the latest booster campaign starting mid-Oct 2022.

And, sure as eggs are eggs, a couple of months later, Japan suffers what we would call “super excess” mortality, mortality that exceeds the upper bound of expectations, really rare events – before 2021 at any rate.


And how is 2023 “shaping up”?


Yup, worse than the already bad 2022.

Thankfully, it looks like the message has finally gotten around and the dear Japanese are beginning to join the (rather obvious) dots and are no longer subjecting themselves to the experiment.

Hopefully, this translates into a reduction in mortality. Really, it should fall below expected levels due to the huge amount of pull-forward.

However, since the longer-term impact of the experiment is still being recorded and evaluated – by the independent researchers at any rate, not the public health authorities or regulatory agencies – there is still uncertainty that deaths will stop.

Moreover, I’m not entirely sure we can trust that they are still reporting the injection statistics anyway.

I’ll review this again in three months when the full-year mortality data should be available at least.

Joel Smalley is a blockchain architect and an early-stage, polymath data-driven technologist. He has a background in capital markets, biotechnology, retail payments, and blockchain architecture. He conducts pro bono covid data analysis for legal challenges and independent media seeking the truth.  He regularly publishes articles on his Substack ‘Dead Man Talking’ which you can subscribe.


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